Feeling sunny? – try yellow jeans

Feeling sunny? – try yellow jeans

The love for jeans has never ceased to grow and with the launch of many new variants there is no reason for the love to diminish also. The presence of wide variety in jeans often leaves the buyers flummoxed for their decision to buy. Some people like to have all variants of jeans on offer in their wardrobes. One such variant for jeans are the yellow coloured jeans. Yellow jeans though not as popular with the jeans wearing community, are indeed a pleasant sight and a supplementary collection to the modern day wardrobes.

Popular with Women

Not as popular as other colours but Yellow Jeans surely have secured places in wardrobes of the modern day divas. Yellow colour skinny jeans are quite popular as they have recently appeared on many magazine covers and give a pleasing effect once worn. The jeans are available in varied shades of yellow like camel, bright yellow, pale
yellow and dark yellow. The jeans can be worn with light colour t-shirts, grey jackets, black camisoles and many more options. The stretchable slim fit jeans which are a bit roomier than the skinny jeans are also quite popular with the females.

Kids love the Sun Colours

Yellow jeans wearing kids look very cute and apparently the kids enjoy wearing sun colours too. In young age bright colours like yellow, red, blue, green etc. are preferred by majority of the kids. They love wearing clothes of their favourite colour and yellow jeans is found to be a must have in the kid’s wardrobe. Kids mostly wear yellow jeans with bright coloured tops.

Yellow Jeans for Men

Men are not usually found wearing yellow jeans. However after wearing, men are known to enjoy the yellow jeans. Not just the eccentric part of wearing yellow jeans amuses the fashionable men it is the surprising flexibility of choices to wear with a yellow jean that appeals. The jeans can be worn with a two tone chequered shirt, a plain grey or white t-shirt, a white top and blue blazer followed by yellow jeans is also an interesting combination tried by many men.

Though eccentric, having yellow jeans in the wardrobe can be a pleasing experience.

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