Look your best with boyfriend jeans for women

Look your best with boyfriend jeans for women

Boyfriend jeans are quite a sensation in the world of fashion. The trend was first created by the celebrity stars like Katie Holmes who wore her hubby Tom Cruise’s jeans and Victoria Beckham when she borrowed a pair of jeans from David Beckham. They created a bold style statement by wearing their boyfriends’ jeans and it is said that Katie Holmes wore his jeans continuously for three days in a row. Since then the trend went on to become popular in the fashion industry.

The style of boyfriend jeans for women

Women’s boyfriend jeans are tight around the rear and very much relaxed near the legs. You must get the style right and know how to wear it irrespective of whether the trend is going to be a hit or fad.

How to look best in boyfriend jeans

Women need not borrow the jeans from their boyfriends anymore as the fashion market is already flooded with the style that is made to suit women. All you need to do is just look around in the market for boyfriend jeans that will suit your type and personality.

The popular ones among them are straight cut jeans. Choose this style instead of a boot cut or flared style of boyfriend jeans as it won’t suit the look in most women. The best way to wear them is to turn the jeans up at the bottom thereby exposing your ankle a bit. The bottom of the pant must sit just above the ankle which is the best suited style for women.http://www.prusakagit.com/womens-boyfriend-jeans/?preview=true

The boyfriend jeans can also be paired up with a top that looks more feminine. You can also opt for a tight t-shirt or a hoody to make the style more flattering. The best way is to keep the top simple and accessorize the outfit with a nice wide belt. Adding them up with a killer heels or strappy sandals works best for this style of jeans. Choose a pair of jeans that is loose and flaunts your hips. Do not go for tighter jeans and the older the look of the boyfriend jeans, the hotter you look.

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