Get bold with white skinny jeans

Get bold with white skinny jeans

White skinny jeans are the favorites for many women. They can be worn all year around during the summers or the winters. Many women prefer to wear them during the summer. White jeans can never go out of fashion. One can pair them up with a good top that suits your body type.

• Tips for buying white denim:

• Skinny whites are not for everyone: Although skinny jeans can suit everybody but white skinny jeans may not look good on all. It is important to carry them well.

• Size: If you are heavy weight then it is always advisable to buy white skinny jeans which one size bigger than your normal size. White skinny jeans should not be too tight or else it will look vulgar.

• Choose undergarments wisely: It is advisable to wear a thick fabric undergarment when wearing a white skinny jean. Flesh colored undergarments are preferred as they cover up and hide the imperfections.

White jeans are available for every below shape

 Straight figure: Trendy fit jeans with back pockets with a flap would be recommended for straight figure women.

 Hourglass figure: A contoured waistband should be selected for this figure. Straight cut jeans would not look good and hence should be avoided.

 Tummy: Avoid wearing stretchable jeans as they would be uncomfortable instead buy a high rise jeans that would cover up the stomach.

 Heavy weight: Heavy weight women should go for high rise jeans to cover their weight on thighs and hips. A contoured waistband is also recommended to prevent exposure or sliding down of jeans. A long top can be paired to enhance the look and minimize the weight of the wearer.

How to keep your white jeans clean

 Spray the jeans with scotchgard to keep stains away

 Regularly wash the white jeans to avoid grayish or yellowish tint on them.

 Use warm water to wash the white jeans. If possible wash the white jeans separately.

 Soak the white jeans in warm water with a mild detergent or bleach to retain its whiteness.

 Wear the jeans once or twice and then wash them. Do no overuse them without laundering.

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