Get bold with white mascara

Get bold with white mascara

Mascara are available in different shades like black, brown, gray, blue, green, purple, plum and white. Brown and black are the most commonly used mascara’s. The color of the mascara depends upon individual preference and choice. Selecting the right color of the mascara can work wonders for your eyes.

Colored mascara tips:

The mascara color should be selected according to the color of the eye. Blue or purple mascara are suitable for people with brown or hazel eyes. Blue mascara can be used by people with blue eyes, and green mascara with green eyes. The colored mascara opens up the eyes and adds volume to the lashes. People with lighter skin tone and lighter eyes should opt for brown or black mascara.

Who can use white mascara?

If one considers her eyes as the best feature of her face and wants to leave an impact on others through her eyes white mascara is just perfect for her. Women who have naturally dark and dense lashes can use this white mascara to give a fuller bright look. White mascara will help in highlighting the best feature and giving an attractive look to your face.

Difference between white mascara and white primer

White primers are applied on the eyelashes before applying mascara. It helps the mascara to stay on for a longer period. It acts as a base for the mascara. White mascara is just like any other mascara which is white in shade. It can be used on darker lashes first before applying the colored mascara so that the color is visible and clear. It adds volume and rejuvenates the lashes. White primer will make the lashes look thicker, stronger and longer. White mascara’s create bold and unique look for the eyes. They can be worn anywhere anytime to create a style statement.

Application of white mascara

It is very easy to apply white mascara. First complete your eye makeup, then using a lash comb brush your lashes. Then use a curler to curl the lashes and make them look bigger. Once this is done, you can apply the white mascara on it. If one wants to use color mascara they can do so immediately on the white mascara.

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