Choosing the best water based foundation

Choosing the best water based foundation

A foundation is the best and basic part of makeup that can works wonders and choosing the right foundation suitable for your type of skin is very important. The right type of foundation would enable a prefect glow to your skin even with minimal makeup with just the eye and the blush.

You must understand what type of skin that you have before buying a foundation. A creamy or moisturizing foundation will work best if you have a dry skin while you will need an oil-free foundation if you have an oily skin as it will help minimize the shine and keeps your skin stay and look fresh for a long time.

Versatile Liquid foundations

The aqua based liquid foundations are the best foundations that suits women with almost all skin types as they are versatile and easily bendable. They can be used with ease and are also long lasting for at least a minimum of 2 years. The water-based foundation works perfect for the most problematic oily skin types as it can be blended easily to give the skin a beautiful glow. You can wear it throughout the day daily as they offer a breathable coverage on your skin. They have the ability to transform mature and wrinkled skin into a younger looking skin instantly. Women who would want to have a moisturized and dewy appearance can use the water based foundations to achieve the desired perfect look.


Buying the right water based foundation for your skin

Before buying any type of foundation it is necessary to test the color of the foundation whether it is suitable for your complexion. It is difficult to buy the water based foundations based on their color on the bottle as they might be darker when applied on the skin. Hence swipe a little foundation on the base of your jaw line to test the right color.

Pat the foundation on your jaw line and blend them evenly outward using a sponge or your fingers. If it is the best color it will blend into your skin and dissolve and wouldn’t look obvious when on your skin. The best foundation would feel like your second skin and shouldn’t have a dramatic effect on your face.

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