Old is gold with vintage jeans

Old is gold with vintage jeans

Vintage jeans are jeans that never go out of fashion. These are contemporary jeans which can be bought from vintage clothing boutiques, thrift stores, garage sales, consignment shops and online stores. These are old used jeans that were worn by someone else.

Benefits of buying vintage jeans

 Comfortable: Vintage jeans are very comfortable. If a new jeans is bought it takes time to get softer and comfortable. A vintage jean is already washed and used hence they are softer and comfortable.

 Affordable: Vintage jeans are less expensive. One can get good branded jeans

 Rare: Vintage jeans are rare and cannot be easily accessible. These are normally jeans that are out of fashion hence not available easily.

 Fashionable: Vintage jeans look very fashionable as they look unique and different. They are very eye catchy and if paired with appropriate shirt or tops can create a more attractive look to the wearer.

Some of the examples of Vintage jeans

 Lee up to 1949
 Lee riders
 Levis redlines
 Levis Big E
 Levis 501XX
 Wranglers bluebell
Tips to buy Vintage jeans

 Know the brands and cuts to look for: One should identify the different styles of vintage jeans. One should decide on the brand and the cut that would make you look great and comfortable.

 Never look at the original sizes on the label: One should not decide if the jeans would fit you or not by the label on the jeans. One should actually try them and check the fitting.

 Know where to look for vintage jeans: One should be lucky enough to find vintage jeans easily. Since vintage jeans are cheaper they get sold off very fast. One should keep a track as where these vintage jeans are been sold where it be a flea market, online store etc.

 Learn the history of the jeans: Learn more about the vintage jeans that you are planning to buy. Try to find the history of the jeans and why they became popular.

 Style them as per today’s trends: Use the vintage jeans to look different and unique. Pair them up with a trendy top and add fashion and class to the jeans.

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