Technique makeup brush set

Technique makeup brush set

There are various makeup brushes in the market. Whether it comes to blush brush, lip brush etc. You have a variety of brushes for a variety of application. For this purpose, the product we will be describing is the Real Techniques Brushes Set.


Foundation Brush: This brush has an appropriate size and is ideal for using foundation, and gives the vibe of atypical old school brush. It helps in blending the product on the face. However, due to its small size, it takes a bit longer to apply the foundation to the face.

Buffing Brush: This brush is actually promising to buff the skin and goes over those lines to get it all over the skin and makes the product even on the skin. It has an appropriate size as it’s not too wide and not too small and helps the skin to soak in the foundation.

The Multitask Brush: This brush shows best results for powder distribution or applying blush on the cheeks and has very soft synthetic bristles, and also the strands don’t fall on your face making it less annoying. It can be used for applying the bronzer too.

The Pointed Foundation Brush: This is recommended brush for using foundation. The reason for this is because it can go to the tricky places under and along the nose and eyes. It is stiff enough to give control over applying the concealer and is less flimsy too.

Contour Brush: It really is a good brush to not keep the contour thick and give an illusion of having a nice cheekbone. It gives a very smooth application.

The Blush Brush: This brush comes with a very cute handle and helps to evenly apply the blush onto your cheeks. However, instead of using this brush you can also use the multitask brush for the same cause.

Domed Shadow Brush: This brush as the name says is used for applying the shadow onto the skin. The bristles are short and dense enough to hold enough products on it. However, this is recommended for travelling also.

Detailer Brush: This tiny little brush is perfect for giving the finishing touch to your face. The bristles are pretty thick making it not the best detailer brush out there as it makes the color go too harsh, but can be used as a lip brush.

Silicon Lineup Brush: It is pretty good eyeliner as it starts off with a thin line and goes on to get bigger and although you will know where your eyeliner is going to get. Hence, making it a genius brush.


After using this product you won’t get disappointed as it is an all-in-one professional kit and will give that sexy makeup on you.

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