How to hide tattoos with concealer

How to hide tattoos with concealer

Tattoos have their time and place but there places where having one will come as a disadvantage to you. So instead of struggling with jewelry or clothes trying to hide your tattoos it’s always safer to turn to your makeup kit for a simple yet effective cover up.

Here are some simple tips to apply when trying to cover your tattoos with concealer.

Prepare the skin

Before simple application of any concealer on your skin ensure you prepare the tattoo area. Start by simple cleaning and exfoliating processes. It’s however key to note this should not be done on fresh tattoos but only properly healed tattoos. This will ensure smooth and perfect application of the concealer.

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Apply primer

Using primer is quite important as it enables the concealer to stick better and at the same time helps protect the skin underneath the concealer.

Find the perfect concealer for your skin tone

This is a very vital step as the wrong shade might leave the skin looking altered. So do not rush into buying any concealer before confirming it is in the right match for your skin tone. If you’re not sure of the shade ask in the local beauty shop for help. The right shade ensures a perfect blend and a smooth general finish.

Use the right brush

To avoid a situation where concealer lines are visible it’s advisable to use a fine smooth brush. If the first coat does not properly conceal the tattoo no need to panic simply wait for three to four minutes, brush some fine powder over it and re-apply. This will eventually cover up the tattoo area you want to hide effectively and smoothly without any traces.

Finish off with fine powder

To five the concealer a more natural look always dust over gentle some fine power over it. This gives an impression of real skin. It is always important to let the concealer dry before doing this as it gives better results that way.


So there really no need to struggle whenever you want to hide your tattoo simply follow this steps and you’re good to go.

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