Superior sheath jean

Superior sheath jean

In super skinny jeans the legs are intimately fitted and has narrow foot opening. Super Skinny jeans are typified by legs and waist, a semi fitted or fitted. This type of jeans allows the legs to be seemed slim and it is most wanted jeans by both the gender. Super Skinny jeans appear very fashionable, swanky, and attractive.

Styles of Super Skinny Jeans

Super skinny jeans do not inevitably tight. The jean has narrow foot opening and fit in a variety of ways. The following are the four kinds of super skinny jeans fit.

Loose – This super skinny jean has slightly fitted waist with acceptable style and will not projects the legs to be too slim.

Semi Loose – comes with narrow legs and fitted waist. The legs will be baggy to permit for movement with casual look. Ideal for person who are not willing to showcase their leg.

Fitted – Fitted super skinny jeans are stretchy jean with reduced slimming effect.

Tight – No bagginess is seen in this type of super skinny jean and it embraces the leg closely. This type of jeans projects the legs as ultra slim.

Fades in super skinny jeans

Light – Light faded super skinny jeans are suitable for casual wear and it’s a occasional wear.

Dark – This type of jean shows the body as slim but not over slim with more flattering.

Vintage – comes with faded style in legs and pockets with greenish shade.

Tinted – looks more metro and not easy to pair with other attires.

Acid – This type of super skinny jeans will frequently have white bleach with blue patches.

Sandblasted – appears to be damaged with false holes with white threads left at the back.

Whiskered – designed with faded lines.

Sizes available

The size of jeans can be measured by the inseam length and the waist size. In the tag the first number represents the size of waist and the second number denotes the length of inseam.


Super skinny jeans are gorgeous, fashionable with casual attire or semi dressy clothing. Super skinny jeans has been available from 1950’s but gone out and in of style. Earlier version of super skinny jeans is lightly faded jean but the current trend is darker fades.

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