The dual brush

The dual brush

The stippling brush is commonly referred to as the dual brush because it can be comfortably used to apply multiple makeup types. If you are lady, then this brush has to be in your makeup shelf because it is very fundamental. There are variable kinds of this brush; all you have to is to ensure that you get the type that will make you feel absolutely comfortable.

Large domed stippling brush

You can use the dual brush when applying your powder, bronzer, liquid foundation or powder. It is a highly versatile brush that will always give you the best results. It is well incorporated with bristles that are made of synthetic fiber which gives the brush its smooth texture. It has a handle that is very sleek which fits well in the hand making it easy to use. When using this brush, it will always give you an even and gorgeous finish will make you look stunning.

The high tech foundation brush

The stippling brush is known because of its general look and what it can actually do on your face. It is made of synthetic bristles that are extremely plush, smooth and safe to use on the face. Its handle is made of light aluminum making it very easy to handle and it also has a self standing sophisticated look which makes it possible to store and carry along when you are out of the house. In simple terms, using this brush will give you explicit and high definitive results.

Small sized stippling brush

The size of the brush does not matter because it actually performs a number of functions; it can be used to apply concealer, bronzer, liquid foundation, blush and powder and areas that are hard to reach on the face. When you use the brush, you have to apply the stippling mode in order to get the best results. It is incorporated by black and white fibers that blend well to give results that are magnificent. Its handle is also the best because it fits perfectly in the hand and allows you to easily stipple the brush to and fro in order to acquire the intended results.

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