Nike foamposite – Artistic footwear …

If you are a fan of the Air Jordan series launched by Nike, you have surely heard of the Nike foamposite technology. This is a unique series launched for the basketball players by Nike.

An Innovative Technology

Whether you play basketball or not, this shoe series will surely stump you with the superior shoe design technology incorporated. The sneakers are pieces of art which are made of a single cut or mold.

Distinct Shoe Designs

These shoes definitely change the definition of sneakers. If you wish to check out the foamposite sneakers of Nike, check out some interesting designs as given below.

Nike foamposite - 1

Nike foamposite is a great looking piece of footwear; it looks like a work of art with its one piece design. This look makes it easier to decorate it, like this camouflaged pattern all over the side of this amazing shoe.

Nike foamposite - 2

These shoes are specially designed for basketball players, but it is not against the law to own one if you are not. The stunning design of the Nike foamposite having a singly cut; and the ability to innovate enormous designs to it is just amazing.

Nike foamposite - 3

Color combination is very essential in the Nike foamposite in particular, as it has much more space to work on. The single cut side of the shoe can be in plain color, but it can also be like a frame for any artistic touch.

Nike foamposite - 5

Single colored Nike foamposite is very simple and popular, as it is the best fit for basketball outfit uniforms. They come out in many colors, so it can match almost any uniform that your team might be having even the alternate one.

Nike foamposite - 6

Black is the best color ever, as it matches almost any outfit style and color. If you like the Nike foamposite design but you are not a basketball player, then this black one is your best choice as it matches everything.

Nike foamposite - 7

Nike foamposite shoes are designed specifically for basketball players, it gives the comfort and stability needed in such a rough full of movement game. The single cut design is also very unique and gives them a great and dashing style.

Nike foamposite - 8

Innovation in any industry is always desired, and this Nike foamposite shoe is one of these things. Nike has produced it with a glow-in-the-dark insole, it emits light when it is dark around it; this is great for turning few heads around.

Nike foamposite - 9

It is always nice to have a unique pair of shoes, like this Nike foamposite piece of art that has a very unique cosmic look. The design is very amazing and the color combination is perfect, Nike has taken it to the next level.

Nike foamposite - 10

This image shows us how innovative a shoe maker can be, Nike foamposite is the perfect arena for such goal. This amazing camouflaged shoe is looking great, and it can be very unique when used properly on selected clothes and outfits.

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