adidas Unisex Adipower indoor shoes, red

adidas Unisex Adipower indoor shoes, red

Fast delivery, everything heal, everything o.k ..
The shoe is extremely small! Normally 42 is enough and the 43er is absolutely on the border.
The shoe itself gives good grip, when flexing e.g. the arch is well supported and there is less tendency for the knees to move inward. I could not yet determine a performance explosion, but it's definitely easier to stay "clean" during execution.
The elevated heel helps those who also do not have the best mobility in the upper hock.
Use the shoes for deadlift and squats only. You have a super safe stand, can move the weight perfectly.
In the other reviewers I read again and again that solves the sole with time, that is (at least for me) so far not the case. Shoes still look like the first day, maybe they do not smell that way anymore, but that does not matter.
After my Power Perfect 2 gave up after 3 years (several eyelets pulled out) I ordered this shoe as a replacement.
I ordered the shoe in half a size smaller than my Converse and it fits perfectly.
Can tie very tight and the extra strap does the rest.
With heavy squats and overhead variations, feel secure anchored to the ground.
Would buy him again.
The shoe is super processed and you have a bomb steady in the things.

You do not equal 20% more but you will be able to get better and faster with these shoes, have me
They definitely helped break my PR and I will not go into leg training without them anymore.

Jogging or cardio can be forgotten in the shoes, but they are not made for that!
I bought the Adipower because I was always a bit unsure about squats and did not have a really good shape when bending.
Due to the rigid hoe and the "wedge heel" my form has improved considerably and I became safer and stronger. Especially at high weight, it is important to have a good stability and this is more than guaranteed by the shoes.

In addition, the shoes (I have them in white) look really great.

I am more than thrilled with the shoes, even if they are more expensive compared to other "sports shoes", you get very much for the price. So five stars from me.
Of course you have to say that the opinion on any other fails, that is because unfortunately not everyone has the same technique. This must be mastered when training with such shoes.

For me, I have to say, I'm excited. I have always built this small increase under the heel before and then performed squats.
But with this shoe, the technique has become even better and the feeling is great.

– by the flat sole and the heel wedge one stands very safe
– the load in the lower back is lower (of course, technology)
– I was immediately surprised how comfortable these shoes are (from the outside robust, from the inside very pleasant)
– I usually wear size 43, and have ordered 43 1/3 (fits like a glove), the fall for me not smaller than all say.

Thumbs up, top!
I do not understand how people write here "fits exactly". The shoe is very tight cut and more suitable for Asian children's feet than for an adult human.
My normal shoe size is 44 1/2. Although I own the powerlift 45 1/3, I had to send the shoe back 2x and order it in size 46. In itself, great shoe no question. Only the delivery time is already a bit long.
For the shoe I give 5 stars.
The shoe can not do anything for my wide feet, and for the delivery time he can not do anything.
Still annoying. That's why 3/5

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