Adidas Nizza Hi – Get Great Support For Your Ankles

Adidas Nizza Hi – Get Great Support For Your Ankles

If you love the high collared sneakers from Adidas, one legendary range to opt for is the Adidas Nizza Hi range of sneakers.

Design Details Of Nizza Hi Shoes From Adidas

This range had been launched originally in the seventies. At that time it came with a canvas body and a rubber toe cap. Today this shoe line offers different varieties in materials and design aspects. Many boys and men love the high collared sneakers of this range. You can check best prices and reviews at about Adidas Nizza Hi – Get Great Support For Your Ankles.

Images Of Such Shoes

Adidas nizza hi - 1

This Adidas Nizza high black full black with three white strips suede leather shoe is a classic one that suits everyday use. It offers a simple and clean look with high midsole for great ankle support. The outer, rubber sole gives you perfect grip on all surfaces.

Adidas nizza hi - 2

This image is about the Adidas white hi suede trainer shoes. This shoe comes with suede upper that has three trademark Adidas stripes in black. The white midsole with thin black Keyline and rubber outsole make it a convenient casual wear as well.

Adidas nizza hi - 3

Looking for a sneaker that you can wear with your casual dresses? This Adidas Nizza hi canvas top black shoe is a perfect option. Its features include: black quality canvas uppers with traditional three white stripes, leather in the front of toe support, white midsole with black Keyline and strong rubber outsole.

Adidas nizza hi - 5

This is the Adidas Nizza hi black canvas with three white stripes sneaker shoes. It is best suited as a casual wear with high quality black canvas uppers and white midsole with classic thin black line. It offers extra leather protection for toes.

Adidas nizza hi - 6

This Adidas Nizza hi red canvas with traditional three white stripes sneaker shoes is an ideal casual shoe that can make heads turn. The white stripes branding and white laces perfectly contrast the red uppers. It’s got an all white midsole and rubber outsole.

Adidas nizza hi - 7

This image is of the Adidas Nizza hi white sneaker shoes with traditional three blue stripes. The shoe comes with attractive white leather upper and white midsole with blue Keyline to match the three blue stripes. The tongue has the Adidas logo in blue color.

Adidas nizza hi - 8

If you want to update your footwear, then Adidas full black colored Nizza Hi sneakers are a good choice. The upper material is made of quality synthetic leather with white rubber covering over the toe and black colored laces. Other features are high ankle support, black line in white midsole and rubber outsole.

Adidas nizza hi - 9

This is the Adidas nizza hi white sneakers with three blue stripes and blue Adidas logo on the tongue. This lightweight basketball retro shoe offers flexible rubber outsole for great movement. Other features include: rubber toe bumper and padded high cuff for comfort.

Adidas nizza hi - 10

This neatly and cleanly designed Adidas Nizza hi white sneaker shoes with black stripes is made of high quality canvas uppers with white laces and white midsole with single black Keyline. A rubber piece at the round front offers great toe support.

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