adidas Men's Gloves Fieldplayer

adidas Men's Gloves Fieldplayer

I use the gloves for cycling in winter.
For this they are also well suited because the gloves keep well. The key reason why I chose these gloves was that I liked the design and the price was acceptable.
Especially pleasing with the structure at the fingertips, which provide a good grip even in wet conditions.
Overall, therefore, highly recommended.
The pair of gloves looks great and fits like a glove!
So far, unfortunately, there was no possibility to test the gloves under "real conditions", which is why I can only speak of the impressions they have made on me so far. I bought them primarily for playing football in colder weather, for which they seem to me to be the best suited!

So far, a clear buy recommendation from me!
The gloves are great, use them for cycling. But contrary to other, negative reviews, the gloves are not too small, but fit exactly. Just look at the sizes and see the measurement chart on the adidas website. Then you measure the circumference of his hand and can read the size. Normally I have M, which corresponds to size 8 for me.
Unfortunately, I know only the size chart given here, which does not match in the slightest with the actual size.
Hence my bad assessment.
Anyone who would like to use them privately / in everyday life and who likes to wear gloves when he grabs his pockets may be discouraged from using this model, since the knobs on the fingers really provide good grip and you can really stick well in your pockets.

But are also field players gloves and for such a nubs are certainly a welcome feature.

I can live with it and I am satisfied!
The material feels good. I ordered the gloves according to the table. I have little hands and short fingers. According to the table I have size L and 8 which were then too big. I bought size 7. They fit perfectly. The gloves should sit otherwise they do not keep warm and the seams then scratch something on the fingers. Mobile display does not work with the anti-slip pads.
Return and refund was easy, for which I would like to thank the seller. I would recommend the goods and buy again;)
The gloves are well made and fit exactly as they should. Especially in the cold weather, the gloves are not only used in sports. The gloves keep you nice and warm and they are very comfortable to wear. Well … you can like the adidas logo …. but you do not have to. It does not bother me.
In any case, I can recommend the gloves ….. shovel in the winter to snow. ;-)

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