adidas Girls Infinitex Essence Core 3-Stripes Swimsuit

adidas Girls Infinitex Essence Core 3-Stripes Swimsuit

Every year again – bath time! And so that nothing stands in the way of bathing enjoyment, we will, as ever, resort to the (same) model of Adidas. This is already the 3rd of its kind – we just had a color change from purple to (strong) red.

So while the flowery and ruffled wet dresses pass us by – that's his, but really practical that certainly not and sporty ever not – shines the child in all plunge, Hecht-, Kraulrückwärtsmanier in this great part. Nothing pinches, nothing slips, the one piece fits perfectly. The low-cut back allows the long straps a fast on and off, which is always beneficial for a child. The colors shine and also the contrasting stripes are nice to look at. Even after frequent washing, he loses neither form nor color.

However, despite all adulation: we always need a size bigger! Meaning: The 106 cm tall child just comes in the size 110, here, the wearer already clearly down the shoulders. For this reason, the 116 is now ordered.

I almost lost myself, because the size designation was not printed in the swimsuit fabric, but was written only on the many washing, inventory, origin, information sheets. Of course, I cut these out. So thank you also to Amazon, that here can understand my past purchases. Then it works out with the right size.
Sits well and seems to be a good quality. Bzgl the size: Our daughter currently has dress size 104 or 110th The swimsuit we had to take but in 116, otherwise he would have sat too tight.

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