The must-have sonia kashuk makeup brushes

The must-have sonia kashuk makeup brushes

There are overwhelming choices of makeup brushes available to choose from and it is necessary to know what type of makeup brushes that we really need. Among the top brands of makeup brushes, Sonia Kashuk is considered as the best brand that offer the best brushes for a flawless makeup. Some of the brand’s best makeup brushes that are a must-have in your makeup kit are the Precision Powder Brush, Spoolie, Blush Brush, the Pointed Foundation Brush and the Smudge Brush. These brushes are very beneficial in achieving any look and style of makeup that you prefer.

Sonia Kashuk’s Precision Powder Brush

The precision powder brush is a perfect tool that provides a sheer makeup application which can be paired with a light eye shadow over the eyes. The brush has a tip which is dome-shaped that helps in applying powder to specific areas and also is great for contouring.

The Spoolie

A spoolie is used to shape and tame the hairs that are unruly in your eyebrows. It helps to get a better control of your brow hairs. To use a spoolie, you must follow the natural contour of your brow line and you must brush it by going up and then out towards the line.

The Blush Brush

You can easily apply the blush powder using Sonia Kashuk’s amazing blush brush. The brush is soft and supple on the skin and is best for a perfect sheer application with the right amount of color for your blush. Use the brush to apply powder blush in a circular motion.

Pointed Foundation Brush

This brush is a domed-shaped brush used for applying foundation and concealer for your skin that provides an even application and targets areas hard to reach. Tapping the nrush on the skin and then blending the foundation will provide the best sheer application of foundation.

The Smudge Brush

The smudge brush is another must have that can add definition to your eyes. It is best for applying gel liner or blending the eye pencil to create a softer and smoky eye effect.

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