A guide to wearing skinny jeans

A guide to wearing skinny jeans

Skinny jeans were popular a few years ago but the fashion seems to be making a comeback again. The newer generation prefers skinny jeans and hence the different fashion brands throughout the world are manufacturing unique varieties of styles and designs of the skinny jeans. To flatter your figure with skinny jeans you must know how to wear them correctly. Follow some tips given to learn how to wear the perfect skinny jeans.

Different styles of skinny jeans

To wear the skinny jeans in the right way you must first understand that a number of styles are available in the skinny jeans. One such type is the straight skinny jeans that hug your curves slightly while they are also less clingy when compared to the other types. Another style is the super skinny jeans that are known to have the most stretch in them and offers a balanced look to your bottom. Between the straight and super skinny jeans is the regular type of jeans.

It is suggested that you must try on different brand’s jeans and styles to arrive at the perfect fitting jeans for your body. Choose the type of jeans that will make your legs and thighs look slim as these are the two main areas that should be focused on for the jeans to work well on your body. The skinny jeans also come in styles like zippered ankles that can enable you to get your legs inside or outside the jeans.

Things to avoid in skinny jeans

It is not wise to purchase a pair of skinny jeans that is too small. Instead buying the jeans that fits your size appropriately is the correct way. For those who have shorter legs they must avoid Capri skinny jeans as they will not help flatter your legs and make them look even shorter. Another thing to avoid when buying skinny jeans is the lighter shades of skinny jeans. Unless you are super slim, you can consider buying light colored skinny jeans. Always go for darker and bold colors of skinny jeans as they help to hide the wider thighs, butt and legs thus making you look slimmer in your skinny jeans.

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