How to protect your precious skin

How to protect your precious skin

From olden days we have devised methods for protecting our skin. A healthy skin adds beauty to our whole figure and the color of skin is less important these days but the quality does. In the past people used turmeric and natural ingredients to protect skin from tan but as life has turned hectic, people turn to products available in market that are ready to use.
Turmeric powder to red sandal

To improve the skin quality we can make a paste of turmeric powder or red sandal powder and apply on face and body. This helps in improving the quality of the skin. Mixture of tender neem leaves and turmeric is ideal for rashes on skin. Turmeric powder with Chana dal powder is another skin glowing tip followed by many. Applying mustard powder once in a week is also good for the skin. Keep skin oil free by wiping with a tissue and use a mild soap to wash at least thrice daily and wipe with soft cloth. Never allow sweat to accumulate on face so always carry a tissue .while going out use a premium quality sunscreen to protect from sunlight and try to carry an umbrella in sunlight. So many cosmetic items are available in the market but use only what is required. Overuse of cosmetics can only damage your skin.

The elixir called water

Our skin needs to breathe and at the same time we need water to keep it fresh and glowing. Drink as much water as possible and eat vegetables and fiber rich food. Add more spinach, greens and veggies in your diet for a healthy skin. Keep your mind free from worries then your skin will look evergreen.

Beauty saloons

Those who have the time and patience can visit the beauty salons nearby and add to their charm and glow. They will do it in a professional way and give advice on skin care on request because they are experts in the field. An occasional visit to the beauty salon also add to your confidence. Although beauty lies within nobody looks for that these days all want external glow and stylishness so to enhance that we need to take extra care.

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