Beauty brands for skin

Beauty brands for skin

As the environment of today is changing one needs to take proper care of their skin. This can be done easily by using various skin care products that are available. There are several brands that work specifically for a particular type of skin like oily skin tone, normal skin one o the rough and dull skin type. You just need to buy skin care products that suits your skin type and budget.

Skin care products

Basically there are four basic skin types and two skin conditions. Different skin types and conditions need different cosmetics. The skin care products differ for different skin types and should be used accordingly.

Types of skins

Four types of skin include normal skin, oily skin, dry skin and combination skin. The normal type of skin has fine and even surface due the balance between the oil and moisture content of the face. The skin is neither greasy nor oily, so needs care to maintain its normal status. The oily skin is slightly to moderately greasy and should be treated by the cosmetics that are exclusively made for oily skin as the oily skin needs to cleansed thoroughly every day especially in hot and humid weather. The dry skin lacks moisture and needs more care as it’s prone to wrinkles and lines due to lack of moisture. The dry skin often has problems in cold weather. Combination skin is the common skin type. As the name states it’s have the property of all three skin types, where some parts of the face are dry, some are oily and some are normal. Each part of the face should be treated accordingly and by the correct beauty product.

Skin conditions

There are two types of skin conditions, sensitive skin and acne prone skin. The sensitive skin should be treated with the correct beauty products as it may have irritation, redness or burning tendency if the product does not suit. The acne prone skin type is common with the oily skin type as the pores become clogged and bacteria settles down creating problems. The skin care routines include cleansing, masks, exfoliates, toning, moisturizing and protecting. If you follow a correct skin care routine you will always feel rejuvenated.

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