Get beautiful eyelashes with rimmel london’s new range of mascara

Get beautiful eyelashes with rimmel london’s new range of mascara

Rimmel London has launched their new improved range of Mascara the Scandal Eyes Show Off, which provides more volume to the lashes to make your eyes look beautiful. The new innovative brush design and the fiber enriched formula, gives you the perfect eyelashes that you were longing for.

The unique breakthrough formula of the applicator brush helps build and lift up the volume of the eyelashes. The flat side of the applicator brush helps to pump up the volume to the eyelashes and the brush ball at its tip lifts up the lashes. The fiber rich formula used in the mascara volumises the lashes and adds to the length of them which creates that perfect dramatic effect of your lashes.

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Benefits of Rimmel London Mascara

The results you get when using the mascara are very impressive as you will see for yourself the visible difference in the volume and length of your lashes when applying the mascara. This effect of the mascara is because of the innovative applicator brush design which coats even the smallest lashes in your eyes and provides enough coverage till the corner of the eyes. The new improved plastic applicator brush design enables you to achieve a smooth and neat look of eyelashes that is also smudge free and non-flaky which is the best advantage of this product. The mascara solution is neither too clumpy nor wet. The product comes in an attractive bright pink packaging which makes you want to always carry it on your bag. The price is very affordable which makes it more popular for the quality of mascara offered in this range. Also the availability is good and can be picked up from a number of stores across the country.

Cons of Rimmel Mascara

The results of using this mascara on your eyelashes are quite impressive though you can get a number of other mascaras with better performance than this. Another disadvantage of this product is its packaging. Though it comes in an attractive bright packaging, it is a bit bulky which makes it inconvenient to carry than other mascaras.

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