Flawless skin with rimmel foundation

Flawless skin with rimmel foundation


Rimmel or Rimmel London is a popular brand which offers wide range of cosmetics. House of Rimmel was formed in London 1934 by Eugene Rimmel. They offer a wide range of cosmetic products for eyes and face. Rimmel is one of the world’s best make- up brand. Rimmel products are now available all over the world either in retail beauty and health stores or online beauty stores. The most popular products include primers, Rimmel foundation, Eye shadows, Falsies (False eyelashes), gloss, Lasting finish BB creams, lipsticks, blushers, highlighters, concealers, and much more. The brand follows all quality related norms and is best in the industry.


Foundation is the prime step when applying make-up. Its application gives a smooth and flawless finish to the face and enhances the rest of the make-up. It tends to cover blemishes, marks, spots on the face to give a clearer look. Foundations can be selected on the basis of coverage you desire from sheer or full coverage. Individuals with dry skin should select more of liquid and creamy foundations to avoid cakey look. This would offer clean look without any creases or flakes. For a more natural look one can start with applying a primer followed by using a foundation, this helps in longer stay of your entire make-up. Foundation shades should be done on the basis of your skin color, one can swatch the foundation on the outer side of your palm or on the chin. Perfect color match gives you perfect coverage, you can mix and match two colors to make your own customized foundation.

Rimmel Foundation

Rimmel is a well-known brand from London and offers amazing range of foundations in the cosmetic range for face. Their products include colors and shades for different skin types along with the different coverage options. From sheer, medium and full coverage one can pick on the basis of their preferences. Some of the Rimmel foundation products include Match perfection foundation, Lasting finish 25 hour foundation, BB cream radiance, Wake me up foundation, and many more. Rimmel Lasting finish 25 hour has attracted many people because of its rich creamy texture, great for dry skin, long lasting and affordable prices.

As the name suggests, foundation is indeed a foundation for any make-up routine.

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