Rimel – manufacturing and forms

Rimel – manufacturing and forms

Rimel is a cosmetic for darkening and thickening of eye. It is applied to the eyelashes to make them longer, thicker and darker. It has a rich history and is one of the oldest cosmetic known to mankind. It is being used since centuries and is still popular today. It has evolved a lot over time but the primary purpose remains the same.

Manufacturing Methods:

Rimel is currently manufactured in two different ways. One is known as anhydrous which means it has no water in it. The second one is made with a lotion base and the method used in its manufacture is emulsion method.alt=”Rimel – 1″ width=”210″ height=”140″ /> Rimel[/caption]

Anhydrous method:

In this methods ingredients are blend in kettle or smaller tanks. Accuracy is the key in this step. Ingredients must be weighed and measured accurately. Ingredients are mixed and heated until the desired state is achieved.

Emulsion method:

In this method thickeners are used along with water to make a lotion, waxes are heated and then melted separately. Pigments are added. A very high speed mixer is required in which lotion base and waxes are placed. No evaporation or incorporation of air is taken place at this step. This action continues till the desired result is obtained.


Nowadays different types of rimels in terms of forms are cream, powder and liquid.

Powder rimels:

These rimels are one the earliest ones and are known since the invention of it. Simply dust the powder over the lashes or apply it with a wet brush.

Cream rimels:

These rimels are a bit heavy and they are the best. They have best effects and the strongest hold. It is a bit difficult to apply, but you can make the task easy by using special applicators.

Liquid rimels:

These are one of the most common used rimels. They are simply the best for coloring and darkening. Sometimes, it they come with some additional ingredients.


Few of the observed disadvantages of limer includes

– falling of lashes

– lashes ted to lose shape

– Lashes look irritating without it

– If unfortunately any goes into the eyes, the eye may sting

– It is not long lasting

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