Signs that will lead you to those rich and skinny jeans

Signs that will lead you to those rich and skinny jeans

Initially jeans had this boring and usual, feel making jeans wearing a normal affair. Michael Glasser and Joie Rucker combined to form an innovative dimension to denim. Accepted globally, the brand has garnered an overwhelming rapport for its uniqueness.


As ordinary jeans accumulated dust in the fashion outlets, this brand was revolutionizing the look of jeans. It is hard to ignore the appealing looks and elegance of this denim. Many consumers appreciate the diversity of the color and the fact that they fit just right. However, there are concerns in regards to how consumers find it difficult to find the appropriate size. Some of the available colors include bixby, piglet, berry e.t.c.

It is evident that the concept of colored jeans was initiated by this brand, however many more followed suit and now the market is flooded. The designers will have to show more than what meets the eye.

Fabrication and design

The designers of these jeans, brand put allot of emphasis on the fabric feel and texture. The fitting jeans have a soft fabric with impeccable designs. Borrowing a rare denim from Europe, the Rich and Skinny jeans are a darling of many. The unique designs offer stylish appeal revering well with the consumers.

The successful impact the jeans had on women has instigated the founders to commence an additional line of men wear. This duo is indeed on a mission to change the look of jeans.

High end market

The jeans are meant to make you feel rich that’s why the owners tend to put more focus on the high end market. The targeting of the high end buyers, the brand does pull along celebrities and well know figures along. Notable individuals have adorned the R&S jeans.

Wearing jeans is the most comfortable and easily camouflaged attire to fit for any occasion. The Rich and Skinny jeans seem to have other intentions. Not only do you need to look elegant and stylish but add a pinch of conspicuous to your look. The jeans be found at many outlets and e-stores including amazon.

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