Vivid jean

Vivid jean

Colorful skinny jeans are the ideal remedy to the dullness of the winter. Receive the spring with vivid red color jean. Add style to your look by trying something different from usual blue and black jeans. The peak of color, the red can be more attractive than any other colors. Slim fit jeans are the most versatile jeans preferred by many users and even with red color it turns the heads towards you.

Red Skinny Jeans

Red skinny jeans include a burst of color to the user’s attire and red color is suitable for all seasons. This red color jean can be paired with neutral or white top to accent the bright color. The red color jean can be paired with black color blazer at day time and a glossy top is well suited during the night. Red skinny jean fit cozily through the leg and becomes narrow at the ankle. Some jean fabrics are stretchy in nature and some comes with zipper near the ankle.

Styles of Red Skinny Jeans

Red skinny jeans do not inevitably tight. The jean has narrow foot opening and fit in a variety of ways. The following are the four kinds of red skinny jeans fit.

Loose – This red skinny jean has slightly fitted waist with acceptable style and will not projects the legs to be too slim.

Semi Loose – comes with narrow legs and fitted waist. The legs will be baggy to permit for movement with casual look. This type of jean is ideal for person who is not willing to showcase their leg.

Fitted – Fitted red skinny jeans are stretchy jean with reduced slimming effect.

Tight – No bagginess is seen in this type of red skinny jean and it embraces the leg closely. This type of jeans projects the legs as ultra slim.

Caring for Red Colored Jeans

Most of the people do not know colored jeans should be washed in a particular way to avert color fading. Turn the colored jean upside down while washing in the machine and avoid dryer. This will retain the color of the fabric.

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