Real techniques brush set

Real techniques brush set

Famous YouTube artists and designers Sam and Nic Chapman used their creativity and came up with Real technique brush line. The finest quality and reasonable price makes these brushes the top choice of everyone. Brushes are available as a set as well as a single brush, so that you can shop them accordingly. The material and the texture used in this product is quite natural and is hair like. These brushes are suitable for every type of product either it is a creamy product or is in the form of powder. These brushes mostly have a long ferrule which makes it easy to use. Brushes are soft as silk and light weight. These brushes are extremely beautiful as they are available in different colors. Each color has a unique code and that code represents the purpose of that specific brush.

Brush sets are available in different ranges. Number of brushes present in each brush set is not limited. Some of the brush set may contain 3 to 4 brushes and the other may contain around 30 brushes. The higher the number of brushes, the higher is the accuracy. Brushes are available for all makeup tasks. I will mention few of the commonly used brushes.

Buffing brush:

Buffing foundation into the skin wasn’t easy before as it is now, all thanks to this amazing brush. The more bristle density allows it to absorb some foundation. It can be used for any purpose. It falls in the category of base brushes.

Deluxe crease brush:

A round ferrule makes it extremely easy to use. It falls in the category of eye brushes. For the most accurate eye makeup, it is the best choice.

Pixel point eyeliner brush:

These brushes are sure to create a sharp look. They also fall in the category of eye brushes.

Blush brush:

Blush brush is one the best brushes in this range. Their unique ball like shape makes them easy to handle. It falls in the category of makeup finishers and is sure to give you the best ever finish.

Different brush sets contain different brushes. You can also order your custom set of your desired brushes.

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