Real techniques core collection set

Real techniques core collection set

One of the most essential and still the most helpful kit when it comes to storage of brushes is the Real Technical Core Collection. This is because it combines innovative design and high-tech materials to offer an amazing pixel-perfect look. The Collection Kit entails four coverage essentials; Buffing brush, Dealer Brush, Pointed Foundation brush and Contour brush. All these brushes are held in a professional stand and case.


The synthetic bristles are not only smoother but also ultra push than hair. The bristles are comfortable when using because they are made from synthetic fiber, and this applies to all the Core collection brushes. The synthetic fibers are soft and, therefore, create a high-definition and flawless finish irrespective of the light; whether indoor lighting or sunlight.

The brushes are hand-cut on the head to give room for precise application of makeup and a perplexing finish. The Real Techniques Core Collection Set caters for all makeup needs and different products. This makes it suitable for shimmer, powders, highlighter and creams. It can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

Suggested Use of the Brushes

A Buffing brush is suitable for full coverage applying of mineral and powder foundation. To create sheer and a soft-focus finish, a Contour brush can be used in the application of a highlighter. Also, there is Detailer brush that is effortlessly used to conceal areas that bring problems. The Detailer brush can be used similarly with lipstick for definition and long- lasting shape. For those who wish to have a liquid foundation, they can consider using Pointed Foundation Brush for a custom coverage. There is a Case (Panoramic Case) whose purpose is safe keeping and proper storage of brushes.

Core collection

The core collection includes a case and four full-size brushes. You can be able to use this collection of the essentials and come up with a perfect canvas. As mentioned above, all core collection has several brushes that include panoramic brush, detailer brush, contour brush, pointed foundation brush, and a buffing brush. Additionally, you can identify a genuine set by the fibers of the brush. The bristles are synthetic. The handles are made from aluminum that makes them easy and light to use.

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