Real technique- the next big thing

Real technique- the next big thing

How to select the correct foundation brush?

To brush or not brush? Though latterly, buffing kind of foundation brushes are a hit on the shelves, Real Techniques discerns that when it is about the foundation brushes, straight, classic fiber designs are the perfect things for full coverage appearance. Whether you are new to putting on foundation or wish to know which brush would work perfect for your needs, Real Technique takes care about all of that. It has a collection of total 10 foundation brushes. Each one of them is designed to give you a particular coverage and finish.

Essential Foundation Brush

The primitive Essential foundation brush is perfect for daily use. To use the ‘classic’ Essential foundation brush, you need to first apply the foundation by blanketing over your skin instead of buffing it in. Use the brush’s flat part for an even and flawless finish. And use the brush tip to buff out the left over lines, if any.

Bold Metals Triangle Foundation Brush

This brush will give you superior coverage in the hard to reach areas of your face, like around the nose or under your eyes. All you need to do it simply angle the brush around and use the angles for applying the foundation. This particular foundation brush is perfect for those who may have dark circles under their eyes or redness around their nose.

Pointed Foundation Brush by Real Technique

The petite Pointed Foundation Brush is perfect for the people who have small lineaments and wish a little more rigor when they apply the foundation. This particular foundation brush is also excellent for girls-on-the-go!

The core collection set by Real Technique

Some of the main features of this set are:

• The hand cut hair architecture grants for streak free and even make-up application.
• Synthetic taklon fibers are Non- absorptive and do not absorb or trap product, dead skin cells and bacteria.
• Bristles are less liable to damage or breakage and also maintain and keep clean.
• The set has individually shaped and color-coded aluminum bars.

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