Purple mascara for green eyes

Purple mascara for green eyes

Using colored mascara is the latest trend in the beauty and makeup world. Many women want to experiment with their looks with colored mascara. Colored mascara gives a sexy look to your eyes, but is very important to select the right color according to the color of the eyes and skin tone.

Eye and Mascara color:

Green eyes: Purple and plum mascara’s look good on green eyes. The eyes will look more attractive with grey or smoky eyeshadow.

Brown eyes: People with brown eyes can use brown or green mascara. Black or blue mascara can also be used on brown eyes. Purple mascara goes well with light brown eyes.

Hazel eyes: Green mascara is recommended for people with hazel eyes. Silver eye shadow will add beauty to the green mascara and will give your eyes a sexy look.

Blue eyes: Purple mascaras look great on blue eyes. Bronze or copper eye shadow contrasts well with purple mascara’s.

Purple mascara for green eyes

Purple is a very vibrant color and one should be bold enough to wear this color. It is best suited to people with green eyes. It is the perfect way to brighten your eyes and enhance your complexion. Those who want to experiment with vibrant colors should select the one according to their complexion and eye color. Purple mascara is the best bet for fair people. It will make their eyes look bright and will create a vibrant look in them.

Points to be considered when wearing purple mascara:

 Purple mascara suits best on green or brown eyes.

 Purple mascara is itself very bold and vibrant and hence the rest of the makeup should be simple. Thin eyeliner and a light eye shadow would be apt to make the eyes attractive and lovely.

 The mascara should be waterproof. It should stay on for a longer period.

 Wear the color mascara on the tips of the lashes. Apply the colored mascara on the black mascara to give a unique and elegant look.

 If the lashes are naturally dark apply a mascara primer before applying the colored mascara.

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