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General features

Pupa cosmetics are of various categories that suits best the user’s interests. The categories include pupa hands, pupa eyebrows, pupa lips, pupa eyes, pupa face and pupa waterproof. That implies that the cosmetics are designed to meet the purposes and the requirements of the areas where they are applied. With them come a variety of makeup brushes that are designed to be used in applying the cosmetic on a certain skin surface area. The brushes vary from pupa powder brush, pupa foundation brush, pupa brush blusher and pupa eye shadow brush.

Varieties of pupa makeup cosmetics

The pupa makeup cosmetics presents a variety of options related to eyes, lips and the general skin of the face. Options relating to the eye region are palette, eyebrow, eye pencil, Mascara primer, glitter, eye shadows, cream and eyeliner. Those that are applied on the lips are lip pencil, lip gloss and lipstick. The face has a variety of collections which are bronzing powder, BB cream, illuminators, concealer and foundations.


Eyeliner ignites a luminous aspect to the eyes in that it glitters with fascinating waterfall of glows like those of a diamond. It is manufactured with considerable quantities of fibers that present a maxi diameter. The maxi diameter trait ensures full-face coverage and homogeneity. It leaves no spaces between glitters that last for a full day without defects. This product is sold in eight different glitter colors depending on customer preference. The colors include glitter green, glitter blue, glitter charcoal, glitter purple, glitter gold, glitter copper, glitter white and glitter pink.

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Pupa Cosmetics

Vamp! Cream eyeshadow and foundations

Vamp! Cream eye shadow is an example of an eye shadow cream that holds onto the skin surface for long hours, maintaining its quality at the time of application. It has luminous qualities and its texture allows one to apply it even with fingers. The luminous qualities are enabled by its twelve glowing hues. When it is applied on the eyelids, it illuminates them with an array of color and light. Foundations are of categories like fluid and powder effect foundations.

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