Be comfortable with plus size skinny jeans

Be comfortable with plus size skinny jeans

All women love to wear skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are not only meant for slim ladies. Women with heavy weights can also wear skinny jeans that are available in plus sizes. Skinny jeans for plus sizes are designed especially for heavy weight women. They are easily available in variety of shades, wash, fits etc.

Wash type of skinny plus size jeans

• Traditional wash: Traditional wash jeans come in lighter or darker shade of denim. Lighter denim looks more casual and darker looks formal. Skinny plus size jeans are available in different shades of washes such as black, light blue, dark blue etc.

• Colored wash:These are alternative for traditional denim jeans. Skinny colored jeans for plus size gives a bold look but looks classy. Pink, purple, red, green, yellow are different colors available.

• Distressed wash: Skinny jeans have unique and funky look. They have tear, holes, dark spots, rips etc. on the jeans that gives a distressed wash to the jeans.

Type of jean rise:

 Low rise: Lower rise jeans fit under the navel. They sit lower on the waist. Ultra low rise skinny jeans are also available. They give a taller and slimmer appearance to the women.

 Mid- rise: These are the most common and preferred skinny type of jeans. They are comfortable for all sizes and shapes of women. They cover the hips completely and sit on the navel giving a proper fitting to the body

 Classic rise:They are high rise jeans which fit above the belly button. They cove the tummy and waist.
These are more flexible than the other two rises.

Points to be considered when buying skinny plus size jeans:

 Size: Selecting the appropriate size is very important. One should always buy the size according to the body type.It should fit the body appropriately and should not look vulgar.It should not be too tight or too loose.

 Rise: The length of the jeans from waist to the crotch is considered to be the rise. Heavy weight women should consider buying conservative rise jeans that are attractive and comfortable.

 Proportion: All women do not have the same body type and all skinny jeans do not give the same look on all women. Hence one should select the appropriate jeans that balance the entire body weight.

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