Pixi cosmetics some products and the brand

Pixi cosmetics some products and the brand

The Pixi Brand to Begin in Brief.

Pixi aims at being the ultimate way to create a perfect look quickly and without much trouble. The product range created over ten years ago by makeup artist Petra Strand. This range has its worldwide popularity. There is a range of Pixi cosmetics. This article will take a look at some of them. Let’s begin.

Some of the Various Pixie Cosmetic Products Available

To begin our look at a few of the products in this line by expert makeup artist Petra Strand we will look at Pixi’s Flawless Vitamin Veil. This product comes in 3 different tones: Fair, Medium and Tanned. This vitamin enriched product is ideally used for a night out and still having a light feel. The product is quite good.

The Pixi cosmetics range also includes quite a lot of mascaras. Let’s take a look at arguably one of their best: Lash Booster Mascara. Lash Booster Mascara is a onetime defines curls and also lengthens ones eye lashes. For these reasons and if you want more curly eyelashes it is arguably one of the best Mascaras in Pixies cosmetic range available.

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Next Full Cover Foundation Brush is another Pixi cosmetics products. This product is a brush that blends seemingly easily and without effort or hassle. It has a multiuse function to help it achieve this. The product is innovative and fun and is highly recommend this product.


Pixi Cosmetics offers a very wide variety of cosmetic products ranging from mascaras to Flawless Vitamin Veil. The range is headed by an expert makeup artist Petra Strand it seems to be popular and it is over ten years old so it should be able to be trusted. The recommended product of this article is the full cover Foundation Brush but all products are good as is the case with Piixi Cosmetics.

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