Short jeans

Short jeans

Women with shorter height can prefer petite jeans to guarantee correct fit without doing additional tailoring and hemming. Petite jean is exclusively for petite figured women. Petite jean with dark and solid color will provide flattering on a petite woman. This fashion creates a longer leg illusion. Petite jeans come with normal rise and the waist band fall on the usual waistline. Low rises will project the women’s leg too shorter and high rise can create stress on the wrong areas of the body. Straight leg jean with longer inseam is best suitable for petite woman

Things to be considered while buying petite jeans

The things to be considered before buying the petite jean are the actual measurements, fit and rise. Choosing appropriate Jean size is uncomplicated when a person is sure about his waist size and it is difficult for those persons who are irresolute about the size. The best option is to try and test the Jean. The ultimate thing in buying a Jean pant is the measurements of the inseam and the waist size. The inseam length includes the measurement between the crotch and the ankle. Cotton Jean pant will do little shrink and hence it is better to choose a little longer inseam than the actual size.

The petite measurement should focus on the following things.

Waist – gauge flat across the rear waistband from a side to another with the dip and twice the measurement to obtain the real waist dimension.

Front Rise – calculate the crotch closure to the pinnacle of the front waistband.

Rear Rise – calculate the crotch closure to the pinnacle of the rear waistband.

Inseam – calculate from the crotch closure to the base of the leg on the inward closure.

Outseam – calculate from the base of the leg to the higher edge of the waistband.

Hip – calculate across the bottom of the zip from rim to rim and then twice the measurement size.

Leg Opening – Calculate the leg opening from one side to another side and twice the measurement size.


Slim fit jeans go well with petite women. This fit is purposely designed for women with narrow hips and thin legs. Normal jeans will gather up across the waist of petite women.

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