Permanent makeup: tattooing

Permanent makeup: tattooing

Permanent Cosmetics is also known as Cosmetic Tattooing. It is a process that provides permanent pigmentation of skin through artificial means to provide permanent makeup of eyeliner, eyebrows, eyelids, face and lips. If you have light or no eyebrows get rid of lipsticks or give a definition to your lip line, this procedure might help you. However, this procedure is mostly practiced by those who have lost or damaged their beauty marks due to chemotherapy or scars or freckles on the face or body and want to restore and enhance their beauty through having artificial hairs on eyeliner or eyebrow and disguise their scars underneath.

Permanent Makeup Procedure:

Even before the procedure is undertaken, the first thing you have to do is to check your skin to determine whether it will give an allergic reaction or not. After that, you need to choose the color based on the preferences of a professional beautician. Using a hollow vibrating needle, the technician applies the needle to the skin applying the color to tPermanent Cosmetics - 7he epidermis. It can take several years for the color to fade. The color is dark in the start but soon after several days of healing, new epidermis layers replace the old cells and the color fades a bit. It is suggested to keep the tattooed region away from the exposure of light and protect skin with sunscreens since the UV rays can cause complications due to inflammatory color changes.


Though being easy and not much stingy to apply tattoos, they are very difficult to remove. The most common procedures to remove them are through Lasers, Chemical Exfoliation and Surgical means or camouflaging them. This can also cause many side effects.


Tattoos are very common among the youth of our society. It is necessary for them to know the adverse effects of applying tattoos on the skin. Allergies, formation of scars, skin peeling and cracking and infection. Worst case scenario, using unsterilized needles can also cause diseases like HIV or Hepatitis. Most of the rare cases are the people reporting to have burning or swelling on skin that had undergone the removal procedure. Also due to patient resentment, it can be difficult to remove from place like eyeliner, lips etc. causing permanent residue.

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