4 timeless ways to wear overall jeans

4 timeless ways to wear overall jeans

The 80s and 90s are back, at least fashion-wise. This has been marked by the comeback of overall jeans which are as much a hit today as they were then. A large number of women however do not know how to pull off a great look using these jeans. That is why we have mentioned some four timeless ways of wearing overall jeans.


When majority of people think about overalls, they only associate it with full length designs. Thanks to the creativity of designers however, the denim overall has evolved and there are various short designs that are available today. It is a nice choice for putting on during those hot summer days. The great thing is that these overalls can be worn together with nearly any kind of shoe one may choose.

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One of the most recent fashion trends is the oversized look. As the name suggests, it involves putting on bulky clothes without looking bulky at all. The trick is to layer one on top of another. This look can be achieved by putting on an overall and then accompanying it with a sweater and overall. The result is a cool and warm look that you would definitely find fashionable.


Blacks and whites always go together well and never disappoint. This is the same for overalls, like in any other designs. You can go for a black or white overall and put it alongside a t-shirt of the other color. Additionally, you can accessorize with accessories of these colors to get a perfect and unified look. This not only deviates from the conventional blue overall but is also an incredibly easy look to achieve.


Overalls need not bring out a street or rugged look. One of the looks you can go for is the laid back one by simply accessorizing lightly. Instead of boots, go for sandals in addition to a pair of sunglasses. You can also select overalls with colorful motifs for a chic and irresistible look.

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