Organic skin care vs. inorganic skin care products

Organic skin care vs. inorganic skin care products

Artificial products are always a bit shady and sometimes you can smell the chemicals right through them but it doesn’t mean that they are always ‘not good for your health’. As much as scientists worldwide try to convince us that their man made products are safe and have been certified by organizations like the FDA, it is a well-rooted notion in our minds that almost everything artificial with a natural counterpart is just not as good. This is just but another reason why people turn to organic skin care products and services. It all depends on the user’s liking and sometimes even the price. Organic skin care products are a common trend especially with eco-friendly organizations and forums. However, there are some aspects that determine why people consider either organic skin care products or inorganic products. Such include:


Most artificial skin care products are expensive compared to their organic counter parts and this plays a major role in the customer’s choice of product. Money is always and has always been a factor when it comes to deciding on what to buy and in this case it still serves its purpose. All in all, watch closely your buying traditions as you might end up using only organic skin care products because your budget says so. Of course there are those that won’t be bothered by a few extra dollars on their desired product but still wonder which skin care products to use.

Quality of goods and services

Organic skin care products are simply God-given and don’t require much to put in a bottle and sell to millions. However, manmade and inorganic products are more cumbersome to produce but similarly, are perfected nicely. Between the two, artificial means regarding skin care are seen to be much more effective and informative. Their ways, explaining the cost, are of much higher quality and much more expensive to produce.


Organic skin care products take a substantial amount of time to work but inorganic products and services on the other hand have a shorter working span. Artificial skin care services like skin lightening are much better and proficient when administered via artificial means.

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