Maybelline one by one – all about beautiful eyes

Maybelline one by one – all about beautiful eyes

Mascara is a popular cosmetic used to add beauty and elegance to the eyelashes. It makes your eyes look bigger, thicker and darker. It can be done by thickening, curling, darkening, coloring, and lengthening. It is one of the historical cosmetic and is known since centuries. Lots of changes have been made in the past few decades but the primary purpose remains the same – to add beauty and glamour to the eyes. It is available in huge range and all the popular brands are creating different mascaras. It is available in different price ranges, the quality varies according to the price.

One of the best known mascara today is Maybelline one by one mascara. This mascara will give you a unique feeling that you never experienced before. Yes, a whole new range of mascaras is ready to amaze you. Quality and best results separate this mascara from all the other brands.

Maybelline one by one mascara is popular mascara. It is decorating shelves of each and every cosmetic shop. The unique formula makes it the best choice of everyone. Beautiful and attractive eyes are no more a problem.

One by One waterproof mascara in blackest black:

It is available in two different shades. It is bold without any bulk. As the name suggests, it is waterproof which means that it will surely last long. It is safe and is the best. It makes your eyes flitter and flatter. In order to achieve best results sweep the brush upward from root to tip so that each lash gets the equal volume. You can remove it easily with soap and water or you can use a professional eye makeup remover.

One by One washable mascara in blackest black:

It is available in three different shades. It is similar to Maybelline One by One waterproof mascara in blackest black. The only difference is that it is not waterproof.


Ladies simply love this beautiful mascara and its popularity is clear from its reviews and ratings. It is easily available everywhere. It has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

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