Comprehensive attractiveness

Comprehensive attractiveness

No. 7 was developed by Boots UK and it is so called because in past the number seven was often used to signify perfection and the company still maintains it throughout all its products and developing totally revolutionary products. No.7 cosmetics cover products like Skin Care, Make up, Sun care, Bath & body, Fake Tan etc.


No7 has an absolute range of nearly 350 products across skincare, color cosmetics, sun care, self-tan and instant tan. This includes a variety of 176 shades across nail polishes, eye shadows and lipsticks to guarantee No7 has a range of colors to suit everyone. To encapsulate seasonal trends it launches three limited editions for every year during the spring, autumn and the Christmas with variety of colors and textures.


The skincare product is divided into two sub-segments: the Positive Action and the Daily V.
Positive Action comprises of moisturizing products that are advanced and aggressively aims the noticeable signs of ageing.

Daily V is a range of products that includes the daily skincare management of women. This is again divided into the three chief skin types — Dry/Extra Dry, Normal and Oily/Combination. Each has their individual natural element in precise products designed to preserve healthy skin..

No7 also vie in the sun care market with No7 Summer Skin ranging the products like Pre-Sun, Sun-Protection and After Sun. No7 is the solitary main brand to have an enthusiastic range of products to assist the user to ready for summer holidays. There is also a self-tan wear-off range for tanning without the sun and the wash-off Instant Tan, marketed as “the quickest way to spread a little sunshine”.

All No7 products are created to be hypo-allergenic, which imposes stringent testing methods by its specialized formulation group members.


The No7 brand nurture broad demands almost every woman in the world owns a No7 product.

It is acquired by a wide range of women from teenager’s right through to pensioners. The brand is in the enviable place of being able to maintain very high faithfulness.

Brand values

No7’s aspire is to offer motivation for women to appear and feel good and to rejoice being a woman. Consumer research has shown that the three key attributes most associated with No7 Cosmetics are honesty, trust and being friendly.

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