Have a safe ride with moto jeans

Have a safe ride with moto jeans

Moto clothing generally refer to all clothing and accessories needed for motorsport or when riding a motor bike. Different accessories and gears are needed to ensure safety while riding a motor bike.

This includes the following category

• Motorcycle jackets:
• Motorcycle Jeans
• Base Layers
• Body Armor
• 1 piece suits
• 2 piece suits
• Gloves
• Boots
• Helmets
• High visibility clothing

Moto jeans are trendy as well as sporty. They are available for both men and women. They are the latest in fashion. Different styles and patterns of Moto jeans are available. Especially for women almost all brands have introduced Moto jeans for different body types.

What should you look for in Moto jeans?

While riding a motorbike it is important to wear a jeans specially designed for the purpose, normal ordinary jeans are not recommended for bikers. The main aim of Moto jeans is to provide protection when you are riding a motorbike. The jeans should have armored padding on the knees and hips. The padding should have passed the required standards of the European community for impact resistance. The Moto should be versatile. It should be weather resistant too i.e.it should provide warmth and at the same time should be waterproof too. It is very important that the jeans contain a membrane that is breathable. It may have two to three layers for rain and heat which can be removable.

It is essential that the Moto jeans have proper ventilation. Pockets are very essential to store important things handy. Also some kind of reflective material on the jeans will be an added advantage. It is very important to select the appropriate pants as it acts as a protection in case of crash and prove to be a life saver. A best Moto jean would be the one which provides protection from accidents and is also comfortable to wear when riding.

Fabric for Moto Jeans

Moto jeans are available in the below three fabric

 Leather
 Denim
 Synthetic material

What should be checked when buying a Moto Jeans?

 Waist design, belt, suspenders or Velcro
 Waterproofing
 Cuff closers
 Zippers
 Pockets
 Impact and Abrasion protection
 Knee sliders
 Lining and insulation
 Cold weather back protection
 Reflective material

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