Motives cosmetics by loren ridinger

Motives cosmetics by loren ridinger

Motives by Loren Ridinger is a trusted brand name in makeup, skin care and body care introduced to the world in 2008 by JR Ridinger And Loren Ridinger under Market America. The company has a huge consumer base supplying its products to 3 million customers and has over 180,000 shops worldwide. This brand is very famous on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and other social media making it one of the most successful brands and is currently raising its popularity among various countries through social media.


Motives takes hold of several cosmetic products as well as skin protection cosmetics varying from eyes, cosmetic accessories, sun protection and tanning, nails, lips, skincare and face. The company has got a lot of positive reviews from social media and even in modeling and users. Due to its high popularity in social networks like Instagram, it has set roots in the fashion world Also the company assures to showcase brand new products every season.


As discussed above, Motives gained its popularity through social media making it the first company to gain popularity through social media in such a short time. The team helped to promote the samples of Motives products through social media and showcasing them. And through these distributors, it made it easier for the company to gain the popularity it has got today.

Fan Favorites: Some of the fan favorite products that the company is showcasing in the market today are-

Motives 8 Piece Deluxe Brush Set: This set includes powder brush, flat-top foundation brush, contour brush, eye shadow brush, crease brush, angled liner brush, lip brush and Spoolie. The company claims them to have firm brushes providing high definition makeup making you look flawless.

Skintelligence Daily Moisture Enhancer: This product is a skin moisturizer with unique emulsion formula that re-moisturizes the tissues giving a youthful-looking appearance. The product is non-oily and is pH balanced and can be applied under the makeup. It also contains Aloe-Vera that soothes and keeps the skin irritation free and moisturized.

Lumiere de Vie Volcanic shedding Mask: This product helps to detoxify the skin and enhance the luminosity of the skin, improve radiance and skin tone.

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