Trendy jean

Trendy jean

Designer jeans are differing from other jeans by their quality of denim attire, the finishing touch and the wash. Designer jeans are made with high quality denim and it is not always meant for all body built and they are designed for fashion lovers.

Designer Jeans

Regular jeans and designer jeans are produced from Denim and both the jeans are differing by the quality of the denim and the hard work in designing the jean. In designer jeans the usage of hardware like zippers, rivets are of high quality and it last longer. Designer jeans are available with complicated pattern and design with more washes to attain the luxurious feel. The following are the top designer jeans for men.


The History of Jeans pant starts in 1850 with a 21years old boy Levis Strauss migrated from Europe to America and lit the light of world top most fashion Jeans. The popularity of Denim climax started in the year 1970. Levi’s creates various varieties of designer jean at affordable price.

Gap 1969

In 2009, Gap started to produce the designer jeans with the vision of providing high-end quality at reasonable price.


All the express jeans are manufactured with unique pattern in the back pocket of the jean.

Seven for All Mankind

Seven started its carrier in designing designer jeans for men in 2002. Seven jeans are popular for its low rise feature and its elegant embroidery in the back pocket.


Diesel is one of the leading brands in producing fine denim and their designer jeans are produced from comfort attire with creative arts.

True Religion

The true designer jeans are handmade done by their labors and hence the higher price tag.

Tommy Bahama

Tom Bahama produces hip natures and casual look designer jean.


This is s Japanese clothing company and it is well known for its relaxed fit that falls in between slim fitting and baggy.


The lifted research group produces unique styles of designer jeans in varieties of color


Lucky designer jeans are famous for its modified distressing jeans with features like ripping, sanding, fraying, hand washing and patching.

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