Ways of rolling cuffed jeans for men

Ways of rolling cuffed jeans for men

Cuffed jeans are such that there are buttons on them and they need to be rolled to look more stylish and fashionable. There can be different ways for rolling the jeans depending upon their way of being rolled.

Different ways for rolling the jeans

Single roll for cuffed jeans

The jeans are to be folded once and them they are to be tucked behind the portion which is folded. It can be done if you prefer, otherwise this is your own choice. There can be different types of shoes that can be wore with this type of rolled cuffed jeans, like boots and other such shoes.

Long roll for cuffed jeans

For long roll, there are to be added some more inches to the cuffed jeans for giving it an extra length. The boots that are supposed to be heavier are good to be used with such jeans. They make them look even more stylish.

Skinny roll for cuffed jeans

For skinny roll, there are supposed to be three flips on the jeans to be rolled. Such shoes are good to be worn with these jeans which are supposed to be lighter instead of being heavier.

Double cuffed roll for jeans

In this case, the hems are to be rolled two times; however there is a possibility for getting the appearance to be shortened from the lower part of the waist. The recommended shoes to be worn with such type of jeans are sneakers or any other funky shoes.

Summer cuff for jeans to be rolled

For this, the hem is to be folded two times; the remaining is to slided up for getting under the knees. The best shoes to be worn with these pants are sandals, etc. These jeans are supposed to be suitable for cyclists, etc. They are folded in such a way that the cyclist can protect them from getting the grease of the cycle chain.
There can be a lot of different more styles as well that can be liked by different people according to their choice and style.

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