Maybelline’s freshest mascara-

Maybelline’s freshest mascara-


Today is the era of fashion. In the 21st century, not a single lady goes out without the makeup on. It has become a tradition to look pretty and attractive.

Now, since we’re talking about mascaras, so let’s get on to the latest product introduced by Maybelline – Maybelline Volume’ Express the Falsies.

Some of the features that it highlights are –

The Patented Spoon Brush: This is a new feature introduced by Maybelline. It claims to have a patented spoon brush that fans out lashes from corner to corner making it very subtle to apply on lashes. However, this design mostly suits different eye shapes and eye width making it easy to use.

The Pro-Keratin Fiber Formula: The Company claims that the color of this mascara contains Pro-Keratin fiber formula that instantly builds volume upto 8-times as compared to any other product without clumping.

Promising: The product is absolutely promising as its unique flexible wand helps to lift separate lashes to make the lashes 300% more visible, fuller with no gaps.

Decreased Flaking, smudge & watery look: This product definitely rules in case of decreased flakes, smudges and doesn’t show the watery look but it takes time to dry up and removal is difficult.

Ophthalmologist Tested: This product is claimed to be ophthalmologist tested resulting in lesser eye irritation and also, the product is contact lens safe.

The Cons: As opposed to what the company claims, the product does give gaps between the lashes. Also, it is difficult to remove the product; so, one has to use makeup remover for it.

For best results, do not let it dry in between the coats.

Maybelline’s the Falsies is indeed a terrific and trendy product and is available in 2 versions, i.e. simple and waterproof. Also, it comes in 3 shades. The company recommends the consumers to use the brush upwards against the lashes from root to tip and let it dry between coats. So, in the end, it is definitely a pick and for sure it’s going to make you glimmer as a dime!

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