Maybelline superstay- bold and beautiful

Maybelline superstay- bold and beautiful

Maybelline superstay is just another addition in the Maybelline family. As the name suggests they are created to stay for a super long period of time. The primary purpose of it is to give relief to the customers who are always worried about their makeup, either it is still there or not. Different things under the banner of Maybelline superstay includes
Superstay Lip color:

Superstay lip color is available in 35 different shades. It is more long lasting than any other lip color. It gives you the confidence to stay gorgeous all the day long. You will simply love its formulation. It has no fading, caking or crumbling whatsoever. It is quite easy to apply, for this purpose clean your lips and apply the color, allow it to day and enjoy.

Superstay makeup in classic ivory:

It is available in 8 different shades and is ready to give you a whole new feeling. All the shades are lighter or medium ones. It doesn’t create a feeling of makeup else it makes a natural feeling that makes you feel comfortable and natural. Above all, it is suitable for all skin types and is suitable for all climatic conditions. Apply it on clean face and blend thoroughly with your fingertips.

Superstay concealer:

It is available in 5 different flawless shades. It is long lasting and will make you feel confident about yourself. It provides a natural looking coverage that is sure to last all day. It removes all kind of flaws and under eye imperfections. It is free from all kind of dangerous chemicals. In order to apply it, dot the concealer under your eye and blend it with your finger.

Superstay lipstick:

It is available in 20 different shades and is ready to make your smile more attractive and appealing. It makes you feel fresh and comfortable and is durable enough. It is sure to last for 14 hours. Apply it as a normal lipstick and feel free.


Superstay series is being loved by ladies of all ages. It adds beauty and elegance to their daily life.

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