Maybelline: “one by one” mascara review

Maybelline: “one by one” mascara review

The authentic lash catcher brush consists of 3 to 4 bristles per lash at least, in order to make the most of each lash. It grabs, paints and de-bunches every lash so as to make all of them thicker and flirtier. Lash Catcher? Well, that is an extravagant title for a mascara wand. The one of a kind wand outline is the superstar in Maybelline’s One by One Mascara. The shape is an adjusted oval (like a football), with columns of elastic bristles that are short and climb toward the center and slip again towards the end. There’s a modest bit of space between every column, particularly so that there are fewer swarms touching your lashes to “catch” or coat your individual lashes.

How it works

It holds up well for the duration of the day with no smirching or chipping. People who are using this mascara usually like it’s extremely dark shading. Additionally, it doesn’t leave your lashes feeling solid, which is a huge plus point for a mascara.

By and large, the reviews tell that it’s a truly incredible mascara. Yet, for the individuals who need truly dramatic lashes, this mascara might not prove to be the best one for you. Despite the fact that it does give volume, it’s not going to give a false lash impact.


Characterizes the lashes well (isolates), doesn’t bunch and doesn’t make the lashes solid/firm. The shading is genuine and dark with a little more volume that gives a jaw dropping look to your eyelashes.


In spite of the fact that the brush design is viable, you are forced to lean towards a standard brush. Applying mascara with this brush is a bit clumsy. It normally takes more time than usual. Furthermore, there have been complaints about the tube drying up too rapidly.

Bundling: No complaints, truly

Generally there are for the most part pros with this mascara. It’s undoubtedly the best mascara on the market today, however, what’s going to keep you from re-purchasing is the brush plan. As it is mentioned above, it is powerful in isolating, however, people incline more towards the conventional wand for a speedier application.

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