Striking lipsticks from maybelline

Striking lipsticks from maybelline

You will always mention perfection, attraction and hyper saturated colors the mention Maybelline lipsticks. These lipsticks are highly sophisticated and they will always make you feel comfortable and lovable the moment you wear them. They will always give you an extra cushiony feel. The good news is that there are variable types that you can select from and there are reasons why you will love each one of them.

Iridescent Maybelline lipstick

It is a unique lipstick because it contains a balm inside, there are eight different shades of this mystical lipstick and they are all stunning. You will definitely fall in love with this lipstick because of the intense colors that are presented and the balm will give you the extra sensational feel. The color of the lipstick does not matter provided that you know how to blend it well with the lip balm in order to make the lips glow and shine. The applicator is swift and easy to move along the lips when applying an assurance that you can never go wrong when applying this lipstick.

The Kiss Maybelline lipstick

It is a long lasting wear that will make you feel very comfortable because of its ability to coat the lips. It is a revolutionary lipstick that has been expertly manufactured because of the distinct characteristics that it has. There are a wide range of colors that you can select from and they all leave the lips very supple and captivating. If you want to make a statement, this is the best lipstick to opt for because you will get the exact results.

Creamy Maybelline lipstick

With the creamy lipstick, your lips will not only look attractive but also enticing because all its shades are amazingly beautiful. The lipstick delivers the best results because of its surge and the twenty bold colors that you can opt for. In order to get the best results, you have to apply by following the contours of the mouths starting from the center. The advantage of this creams lipstick is that it can also be worn under any lip color.

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