Maybelline lipstick shades – all about lips

Maybelline lipstick shades – all about lips

Lipstick is the cosmetic and is used by women all across the world. It is one of the most commonly used product and is one of the earliest cosmetic known to mankind. It has a rich history and lipstick industry is making billions of dollars each year.

Today lipstick are available in different color sizes and shades. Many different brands are releasing new versions of lipstick periodically. Number of choices has increased and it has added confusion as well as ease in our daily life. One may find it difficult to search for the best lipstick shade that will fulfill their requirements. We have a number of brands producing different kinds of lipstick. It is usually known that higher the price, higher the quality. This is true in some cases. One of the most common brand is Maybelline Brand producing best quality lipstick at minimum price.


There are different types of Maybelline lipstick and each lipstick has a huge range of different shades. More than 20 different shades of each lipstick are easily available .choose a shade according to your skin tone and occasion. You will simply love all these shades. All of the shades are stunning, beautiful and glamorous. They are long lasting and will stay there all most a day, giving you the confidence to smile and talk freely and makes you feel beautiful about yourself. Everyone loves appreciation, using these beautiful shades you will surely get some appreciation from your husband, boyfriend, fellows, co-workers and boss. In order to achieve the best results, clean your lips and apply the shade thoroughly on the lips. Give it a minute or two to dry.

Maybelline Lipstick Shades:

The most popular Maybelline lipstick shades are never ending pearl, timeless rose, all day cherry, keep up the flame, endless ruby, everlasting vine, infinite petal, ceaseless ceramal, vine and forever, sparkling sand, pink freeze, party pink and bit of berry. There are many other shades available as well.


You need to be creative to choose a specific shade for each occasion. It is not a difficult task, it just need a bit of thinking and intelligence.

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