Intense dark eyelashes with maybelline colossal mascara

Intense dark eyelashes with maybelline colossal mascara

Maybelline Cosmetic brand

Maybelline is a big brand associated with cosmetics and skin care products. They include wide range of cosmetic products for eyes, lips, face, etc. Maybelline New York products are known for its trendy styles and affordable prices. They put in advance formulas and improved textures to get a perfect make-up according to the different skin types. The brand is popular for its everyday cosmetic products like kohl, nail paints, blushes and mascara. Maybelline colossal mascara is one of the fast selling product from them. They have gripped in many customers who love to have more intense and voluminous looking lashes for their eyes.
Maybelline Colossal Mascara

Mascara is a cosmetic product which gives an illusion of much more darker and thicker lashes. It is a great option for women who are not into wearing falsies but still want their lashes to look thick and voluminous. One coat of colossal mascara can give amazing fill and volume to the lashes. It consists of a formula with collagen which gives a uniform coat and a great finish. It has been tested by Ophthalmologist and is safe for use. It contains a thick brush to aid application of mascara on the lashes. The packaging of the product is beautiful and comes in a very attractive yellow color which instantly attracts your eyes. They indicate the method of application and also come with waterproof options. The mascara can be easily removed by washing out with any make-up removal and cleaning with water.

Availability and pricing

Maybelline Colossal Mascara is available in most of the beauty stores, retailers and online. They are sometimes available on discounted prices in certain occasions, otherwise they are priced from 350Rs to 750Rs depending on the variations available. One can initially try the basic mascara available in the product range and if comfortable can move towards other different variations with them.

What to expect from Maybelline Colossal Mascara

Using Maybelline Colossal Mascara offers advantages to your eyelashes which include:

– Thicker eyelashes
– Voluminous and bold looking lashes
– Waterproof stay
– Longer stay
– Washable

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