Get bold and stylish eyebrows with maybelline brow drama

Get bold and stylish eyebrows with maybelline brow drama

Every woman would want beautiful eyebrows as they are the first thing noticeable on the face. Having perfect eyebrows can enhance the complete look of your face even without much makeup. It can ruin the entire look when not in a proper shape and the simplest way to make a bold statement with a makeover is to make your eyebrows stylish and play with them. You can draw inspirations from various celebrities and their eyebrows to get that perfect looking brows.

Maybelline drama brow gel

Maybelline is one of the leading manufacturers of beauty products and it offers the Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Drama which claims to be the best product so far in the market that you can use for defining your eyebrows. Whether you have a beautiful full set of eyebrows or have been growing them the Maybelline brow drama will make your eyebrows more beautiful and take it to another level. This brow drama is a gel based product that provides a perfect sculptured look for your eyebrows. There are three different tinted shades and a clear transparent version available in the sculpting brow gel. This product provides an absolutely natural and full finish that makes your eyebrows look full and beautiful and the product can be easily buildable and used as per the level of effect that you want to bring out on your eyebrows.

How to use Maybelline brow drama

The Maybelline brow drama gel must be used in two steps as mentioned on the product. The wand that comes with the product has a spherical tip which must be used to brush the gel onto your eyebrows against the direction of the growth of your eyebrows, i.e. in a backwards motion. This is done to coat the underside of your eyebrow. Net step is to brush the gel forward in a gentle upward stroke and coat the product on the brow from the start to the end of your brows. Smoothen it out for a perfect finish. For good results it is best to use a shade that is darker than your natural eyebrow shade to bring out the drama. Thus you get the best tinted and perfectly sculptured, natural look on your eyebrows.

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