About maybelline blush

About maybelline blush

Among all the makeup products, a blush is the one which is often underrated by most women who only use lipsticks, mascaras, eye shadows for their face as part of their makeup regime. Women don’t realize that the blush is actually a great product which can pick up the look to the next level. Not even a full makeup is necessary, by applying just the blush along with some concealer and good mascara can transform your face to get that perfect look. There are a lot of choices among the blushes and it makes it difficult to choose the best blush that suits your requirements.
The Maybelline cheeky glow blush for a perfect finish

Among the varieties of blush products, Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in Peachy Sweetie is one of the best you can find for a cheeky glow. The product is easily available in any nearby beauty outlets and is reasonably priced too. The product comes in a cute and compact container that is not too heavy and can be easily carried in your purse for regular touchups. The product is very easy to apply using a blush brush and you can work with it to build the intensity of the blush as you prefer. You can also blend the blush using your fingers as the product claims in order to build color on your cheeks faster in no time.

Pros and cons

The product is great and has a velvety texture unlike the other products that are chalky and flaky when applied. They provide an intense and even coverage just with a little quantity simply by using your fingers or a blush brush. It has a staying power of about 5 hours and the compact size of the product enables easy reapplication to last throughout the day. The color of the blush is just perfect to be used every day and has no adverse effects on the skin.

The only con of the product is that the color is more on the pink side than the peach in contrast to its name peachy. You can work it out for a natural glow on your cheeks to achieve a perfect makeover.

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