Maybelline bb cream- enhance your appearence

Maybelline bb cream- enhance your appearence

Who doesn’t want to have a better skin? I guess every one of us would like to have a beautiful skin. We don’t need to worry, when we have BB creams. BB creams are the best and by far the most beneficial technique to improve the quality of the skin. It makes you feel beautiful and gives you the confidence to face the world. Overall, it enhances the personality of a person.

What are BB creams?

BB creams are of supreme importance and are standing tall in the world of beauty. Its position is quite obvious as many of the international brands are creating their own versions of BB creams. BB is abbreviated as Beauty Balm. As the name suggests, this cream will take care of all your beauty needs.BB creams are available in different types. You must be fully aware of your skin type and the purpose before buying any specific BB cream.

Maybelline BB Cream:

Maybelline BB creams available in two different products. Dream Pure BB and Dream Fresh BB.Maybelline Bb Cream - 2

Dream Pure BB Cream:

It is available in five different shades. The shades are Light, Light/medium, Medium, Medium/deep and Deep. The advantages of this wonderful cream are that it removes acne, reduces the look of pores, minimize the redness, adjusts to skin tone, enhances skin quality and an additional benefit is that you can use it with moisturizer, if you want to.

Dream Fresh BB Cream:

The shades of this cream are similar to the one mentioned above. The benefits of this cream are that it blurs the imperfections, brightens the skin, protects with SPF 30 and is oil free. In order to achieve best results apply it thoroughly on the face and let it absorb with the help of your fingertips.


Maybelline BB creams are being loves by the ladies. Its quality and effects are quite obvious from its ratings. Both of them are rated 4 out of 5 stars by hundreds of users.


Maybelline BB cream is easily available everywhere. It is decorating the shelves of shops since its release. It is available an affordable price of only 8 US dollars.

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